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Erawin Educational Institution Disinfection Program aims to Protect our students, teachers and Our Future

Erawin specialize in creating and maintaining clean working environments for staffs, students, parents and school visitors. We ensure a worry-free way for the school to maintain a healthy environment.

We will assess your schools needs and customize a school disinfection program specifically geared for your building and will provide you with a professional team of disinfection staff capable of undertaking all of your regular disinfection requirements.

Locker room disinfection
Carpet disinfection
Sports equipment disinfection
Hard and soft floor disinfection
Washroom disinfection

Kitchen & Cafeteria disinfection

in our work we customize our school disinfection services to your needs and work outside of normal school hours during weekday evenings and weekends to make sure your school disinfection requirements are met.

Erawin Promise is to offer the finest available service at the lowest possible cost.



Manual scheduling of preventive and/or curative treatment.

Proven Efficacy of the couple machine/product (Brumoxim, Emuldry 50,Odoxim).

Diffusion treatment of dry and homogeneous fog.

Action on all surfaces, even inaccessible.

Simplified and safe concept.


  • KI-OSE has been especially developed for the disinfection, cleaning and deodorizing of surfaces. It is used on all surfaces in kitchens, toilets, classrooms, etc.


  • Authorized for food contact in accordance with the French decree dated 8th September 1999 concerning the cleaning products for equipment that may come into contact with foodstuffs.

  • In pursuance of article L. 522-19 of the French Environmental Code, KI-OSE formula has been registered with the MEEDDM. Inventory N° 6462 (as per EU Biocide Directive).


Bactericide as per EN 1276 : Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aurous, enterococcus hirae

EN13623 : Legionnella pneumophila.

Fungicide EN1275 : Candida albicans.

While other companies may “dabble” in disinfection, we are experts specializing in bio-decontamination.

Fighting an outbreak or preventing your facility from becoming a breeding ground for infection takes training, experience, and the right equipment. With over five years’ experience in high-level disinfection, our services use the most effective tools available combined with multiple product lines to provide a healthier space. Our certified technicians understand the specifics and limitations to the technologies necessary in producing a 99.9999% kill (6-log kill).

Because you are fighting an invisible enemy, we provide multiple methods of validation to prove the elimination of dangerous spores, bacteria, and viruses.

Our whole-space decontamination ensures you are winning the battle against germs in your environment.

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We are Erawin Cleaning & Infection Control, work to reduce the incidence of infection within the health care and public facilities. Our basic objective is to protect the patients first, which result in the protection of workers as well as the protection of the environment health facilities and penetrate into the causes of the risk of the spread of infection.
 Period of Cleaning and Decontaminating is about 4 hours, room can be use immediately.
                    Highly effective decontamination against wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi such as: MRSA. C.DIFF CILE, E.COLI, VRE, & ACINETOBACTER species.
                    Using 6% of Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor (VHP) with 0.006% silver anions to increase efficiency.
                    Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor is able to penetrate even to the difficult narrow place and hard to access places inside the room.
                    Environment friendly.

                    We are fully prepared to provide management services for infection control at your health facility. We decontaminate to most very risk areas, these areas include,  Operations Room, Intensive Care Unit, Isolation Rooms, Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Rooms and Laboratories. Our team clean and decontaminate in order to control infection.
                   We would like to inform you that we offer annual contract and give you a program for decontamination and infection control in order to prevent the widespread of infection, epidemics and viruses  in your hospital using our modern way and techniques in infection control.

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